Grade Level Buses

  • River Grove School has designated grade level buses in some areas.  What does this mean? It means that kindergarten through fourth-grade students will ride the Orange Bus and fifth grade through eighth-grade students will ride the Blue Bus.  This will help keep all children safe. The youngest students will be picked up first so that older siblings can accompany younger students until they board the bus.

    On the way home the older students will be dropped off minutes before their younger siblings on Orange Bus.

    Orange Bus will stop at:

    • the east side of Paris and Enger
    • 8340 O’Connor
    • southeast corner of O’Connor and Paris
    • southwest corner of Paris and Smith

    Blue Bus will make all the same stops as Orange Bus but will pick up only students in grades 5-8.  If you have questions or concerns please call Denise Nero at 708-453-6172.


    Please refer to this Bus Schedule Document for the above Schedule